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The name of the B & B comes from the dialect which is identified the place, full of oak trees ("ciarrote”). Pure woods of this type of oak (“Cerro”) are found throughout the eastern Apennines and probably also the town's name derives from this plant (“Quercus cerrus”), characterized by domes of acorns like hedgehogs, with long filaments up to 1 cm.
The oak is the tree of tales: one of its branches and roots harbor gnomes, elves, fairies, fantastic animals and saints, witches, giants, monsters, which move in cerrete within the spaces of the sacred mountain.

The country of Cerchiara is located within the National Park of “Gran Sasso - Monti della Laga”, about 700 meters. above sea level, at the foot of the magnificent ‘Paretone del Corno Grande’.
Ancient "statio militaris" Roman, designed to monitor the Way Ceciliana that go up to pass “Vado a Corno” and brought to Rome, it was an important city on the sheep-tracks way from the mountains to the “Tavoliere delle Puglie”; the ruins of the Valentine’s Church are a testimony of this.

An ideal place for mountain lovers with an impressive chain of Gran Sasso. It is a destination for pilgrims that comes from around the world to the famous shrine to St. Gabriel of Isola del Gran Sasso.
Towns and villages, medieval architectural gems, dot the territory. Recall: Castles, historic center of pottery, toxic, “Isola del Gran Sasso”. Roman traces of temples and archaeological sites.

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