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We are located in the heart of the Gran Sasso National Park, at begin of Mavone Valley in a breathtaking amphitheater of mountains, which towers above the magnificent dolomite pyramid of “Monte Corno”.
Woods of beech, oak, pouring torrents between spectacular waterfalls, wild animals, define a beautiful natural landscape. With the shepherds of the Neolithic, at the dawn of civilization, began the construction of the cultural landscape of this area, cleverly designed over millennia by local communities, defined by the transhumance of sheep-tracks, punctuated by pens, enriched by popular sacred art.
From the village of “Casale San Nicola”, 3 km from Cerchiara you enjoy a spectacular view of “Paretone di Corno Grande”, perpendicular to the observer, so a friend said: "I had the same feeling as when I saw Niagara Falls "

The Gran Sasso is for hikers and climbers an exceptional land where try. Walls of dolomityc appearance and the “Calderone” glacier (the southernmost of Europe), make up a beautiful high altitude route. Hiking trails of increasing difficulty, start from the village and reach the nearby farms (stone buildings on grassland) and the various shelters, until Franchetti. We mention some paths: Path of the four “vadi”, Italy Trail, Geological Trail, Trail of the centennial. (See the paper trail).


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