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An ideal place for mountain lovers with an impressive chain of Gran Sasso. It is a destination for pilgrims that comes from around the world to the famous shrine to St. Gabriel of Isola del Gran Sasso.Towns and villages, medieval architectural gems, dot the territory.
Recall: Castles, historic center of pottery, toxic, “Isola del Gran Sasso”. Roman traces of temples and archaeological sites. Evocative shrines: Saint Nicholas, Santa Colomba, Fra Nicholas.
Famous museums such as the ceramic at “Castelli”, the Museum of Contemporary Art in St. Gabriel, the museum of St. Peter.
The “Gran Sasso” tunnel connects quickly with L'Aquila, Rome and the slopes of “Campo Imperatore”
The coastline on the Adriatic Sea, 40 km, is conveniently served by highway and expressway and has both highly equipped tourist beaches (Roseto, Alba Adriatica, etc..) and deserted beaches like Cerrano with the historical Aragonese tower.

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Teramo cuisine offers many traditional dishes. A holiday in Teramo can not disregard a stop in one of the many inns or farms in the kitchen preparing where you can eat the tastiest dishes of traditional cuisine of Teramo.
The pot perhaps best known is certainly represented by the "macaroni” with “pallottine”, that are macaroni with meat sauce and tasty guitar seasoned minced meat patties.
Another culinary specialties, all Teramo, is that of "scrippelle 'mbusse" pancakes covered with broth that are used for the preparation of another dish, the "timballo", much like the classic lasagna, but realized, precisely using the "scrippelle" instead of pastry.
This and many other culinary art are the specialties of the province.
Do not miss salami and pecorino cheese products in a totally handmade and purchasable at several farms in the area.


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